"Are you serious about bbq? we are!"


     The sweet and smoky aromas of backyard Barbecuing fill the air as “backyard BBQ connoisseurs” grill their favorite foods in neighborhoods across America.  What do many of these grilling experts have in common?  Their passion for great tasting BBQ and BBQ sauce, that’s what!... Bash Brothers BBQ has been filling that request for friends and family for several years now in the Midwest town of Derby Kansas. 

     Chris Halloran was one of those backyard BBQ connoisseurs about fifteen years ago, who couldn’t find the right sauce or seasonings, so he started making his own.  His sauce and dry rubs soon became popular, so his family and friends encouraged him to begin selling them.  Chris and his wife, Tammy, began cooking more and more of his sauce and even developed several more flavors including the Honey and Hawaiian flavors.  Soon, they couldn’t keep up with all the orders, so in 2013 Chris found a local BBQ sauce manufacturer in downtown Wichita Kansas and Bash Brothers BBQ was born!   Order yours today!